★  24 years higher-ed teacher
 ★  10 courses, 3 universities
 ★  21 years visual artist
 ★  18 collective & 4 solo exhibitions
 ★  15 years graphic design freelancer
 ★  50+ happy clients

Art educator and graphic designer with a creative vein and computer science roots. Based in Brno, Czech Republic. Devoted above all to exploring mathematics, aesthetics and digital media connections. Teaches computer art, plays around with software aesthetics, builds user interfaces, makes web pages and relaxes with accommodating cultural events.

Graphic designer
2007 —  |  Design portfolio
Illustrator, photographer and graphic design freelancer focusing on UI, webdesign, and corporate identity, with dominating passion for generative design and programmable systems.

Independent educator
2006 —  |  Teaching portfolio
Higher-ed lecturer of algorithmic art and software aesthetics (Masaryk University, Brno university of Technoloogy).

Visual artist
2002 —  |  Napříč.cz
Exhibited graphic works at a variety of art shows and festivals, incl. Ars Electronica (Linz), Computer Multimedia Art (Prague) or DOX Center for Contemporary Art (Prague).

Work experience

Author of courses for the Strategy of Digital Education
2020–2022  |  Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Creating education content focused on the use of open-source solutions and enforcing security and privacy in public administration.

Educational content creator
2018–2020  |  Fund of Further Education
Authoring and supervising online courses focused on computer-aided creativity and transferable digital competencies for the Digital Literacy Strategy (2015–2020) adopted by the Czech government.

Web designer
2007–2016  |  Institute of Computer Science, Masaryk University
Designer & consultant for the Uniweb team delivering new web presentation for Masaryk University. Formerly designing user interface and interaction metaphors for the Integrated Students’ Data Registry system and the university Moodle-based environment for creating and sharing e-learning resources.

Graphic design lecturer
2013–2014  |  Caritas Czech Republic
Teaching graphic design, typography and digital photography at CELSUZ — Centre for Socially Disadvantaged People.

Event organizer
1993–2011  |  Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University
Organizing committe member of conferences and academic events of both local and international impact (SOFSEM, DATAKON, MEMICS).


Ph.D. in Computer Science
2003  |  Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University
Defended Ph.D. theses on computational aesthetics — “Exact Aesthetics: Object and Scene to Messsage”.

Visiting researcher
2002  |  Department of Computer Science, University of Bristol
Doctoral fellowship at the Digital Media Group aimed at proposing and examining algorithmic criteria for aesthetic evaluation.

Faculty researcher
1998–2006  |  Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University
Co-founder of the Graphic Design & Multimedia Group, researcher of software aesthetics and computational foundations of art.

M.Sc in Computer Science
1998  |  Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University
Defended M.Sc theses on computer-aided event management — “Information Systems for Academic Conference Management”.


JOINME – Journal of Interactive Media
2017 —  |  Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University
Editorial board member of the online peer-reviewed journal on digital media culture theory & praxis (with Dušan Barok, Barbara Büscher, Martin Flašar, Jozef Kelemen, Denisa Kera and Katarína Rusnáková).

2007 —
Co-founder and endowment board member of the cultural non-governmental organization (with Josef Prokeš, Robert Král and Zdeněk Filipec).

International Association of Art
2005 —
Member of the professional art union, partner of UNESCO with the status of consultative association.

Union of Visual Artists of the Czech Republic
2005 —
Member of the national legal body of professional artists and art theoreticians.

2013–2016  |  Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University
Editorial board member of the peer-reviewed journal for theoretical discourse and interdisciplinary research in new media.

2004–2005  |  Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University
Editorial board member of the journal for new media and information technology culture.


Prototyp Festival
2021  |  Brno Creative Days
“Happy Moments in Generative Art” (invited talk with Helena Vymazalová).

Hands-on Media Art Theory
2019  |  Ars Electronica, Linz
“Math is the New Latin” (generative creativity workshops), Out of the Box: Campus Exhibition.

New Histories for New Media Art
2018  |  Brno House of Arts
“Math => Art: Mathematical Constructivism in Visual Arts” (invited talk, with Barbara Büscher, Oliver Grau and Frieder Nake), Computer Graphic Re-Visited 2.0.

Media—Performance 4 / Gesture
2014  |  Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University
“The Rhythm of Gestures in Mathematical Images” (invited talk), 4th International Conference on Performance, Performativity and Media.

Summer School of Computer Science
2012  |  Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology
“Computer Art & Fractals” (invited talk).

Software Studies Symposium
2011  |  Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University
“Math + Art” (invited talk).

Summer School of Computer Science
2010  |  Faculty of Information Technology, Brno University of Technology
“Algorithmic Aesthetics / Aesthetics of Algorithms” (invited talk).

Software Studies Symposium
2009  |  Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University
“Computer Art Now: Exact Aesthetics Practically” (invited talk).

Social Processes and Personality Conference
2006  |  Institute of Experimental Psychology, Slovak Academy of Sciences
“Personality and Aesthetic Preference for Regular Tiling” (with Václav Linkov).

International Conference on Geometry and Computer Graphics
2005  |  Czech Technical University in Prague
“Best Practices in 3D Modeling Education”.

International Mathematics and Design Conference
2004  |  Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires
“Personal Characteristics and Aesthetic Preference for Chaotic Curves” (with Václav Linkov), Journal of Mathematics and Design, Buenos Aires.

2003  |  Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Granada
“Computer-aided Aesthetic Evaluation of Visual Patterns”, ISAMA–BRIDGES Joint Conference on Connections between Art, Mathematics and Culture.

2002  |  ACM Siggraph, San Antonio
“Recent Exact Aesthetics Applications”.


Encoded Aesthetics // Kódovaná estetika
2021  |  curator, computer art students, Prototyp Festival, Brno

Math Is the New Latin
2019  |  curator, computer art students, Ars Electronica, Linz

2019  |  curator, computer art students, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno

Punched Card Future Lab // Laboratoř děrných zítřků
2018  |  co-organizer of computer art workshop series, Brno House of Arts

Digiark // Digiarcha
2015  |  curator, Napříč.cz collective exhibition, “Zákoutí” Gallery, Brno

Theatre Poster // Divadelní plakát
2014  |  solo exhibition, “Scala” University Cinema, Brno

2014  |  curator, computer art students, Kunst Café, Brno

2014  |  curator, author: Nikola Linhart, “Zákoutí” Gallery, Brno

7 Year Retrospective // Sedmiletka
2013  |  solo exhibition, Ida Club Café, Brno

Temple of Consumerism // Chrám konzumu
2013  |  Laundry Café & Desert Club, Brno

Where Is My Home? // Kde domov můj?
2013  |  DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Prague

Across Noctambulantly // Náměsíčně napříč
2011  |  with Tereza Fousková, “Práh” Café, Brno

Multidataboat // Multidataloď
2011  |  curator, computer art students, “Kometa“ Steamboat, Brno

10th Anniversary of the Graphic design & multimedia studio
// 10 let Ateliéru grafického designu a multimédií

2010  |  “U dobrého pastýře” Gallery, Brno

Digital masox
2009  |  curator, computer art students, “Starý pivovar” Gallery, Brno

Across Uncompromisingly // Nekompromisně napříč
2008  |  with Kristýna Coufalová & Josef Prokeš, “Starý pivovar” Gallery, Brno

Fruits ’06 // Plody ’06
2006  |  with Michal Ladovský, Robert Mořkovský & Tomáš Nosek, “Zpřítomnění” Biennal, Dolní Kounice

Mar del Plata — Buenos Aires
2005  |  solo exhibition, “Modré knihkupectví” Bookstore, Brno

Communication Opening // Zahájení komunikace
2005  |  with Robert Mořkovský & Tomáš Nosek, “Práh” Café, Brno

Graphic Design & Multimedia // Grafický design a multimédia
2004  |  Milan Zezula Gallery, City Theatre, Brno

Visualy creative informatics // Výtvarná informatika
2003  |  CODE, Ars Electronica, Linz

Photographics // Fotografika
2003  |  solo exhibition, “Bezejmenná galerie”, Gallery of Faculty of Infromatics, Brno

Trinity // Trojice
2002  |  with Hana Babyrádová & Peter Graham, “Střepy” Gallery, Brno

Computer–multimedia art 2002
2002  |  Prague Congress Centre